How To Create A Pink Garden Theme Design Using Pink Annual Flowers

Themed gardens are a very popular trend these days, and I’m loving it! My favorite garden theme ideas are the ones based on a color scheme, and pink is one of the most common flower colors out there! So, in this post, I’m going to make it super easy, and show you exactly how to design a pink flower themed garden using pink annual flowers.

An all-pink garden might sound boring, but it’s actually quite beautiful! And it’s amazing how much variety you can create in flower gardens using only pink annuals.

A pink garden can be romantic and elegant if you use shades of soft pink flowers. Light pink flowers can also be very soothing, calming, and relaxing.

On the flip side, you could spice things up and create a very dramatic look using only dark pink flowers. Or you add bold pops of dark and hot pink flowers, mixed with various shades of light pink flowers. Gorgeous!

There are tons of pink flowers to choose from, which is awesome… but it can also be overwhelming. I’m always striving to make gardening super easy for you (and for me!). So this year, I’m teaming up with All-America Selections (AAS) to help make choosing plants for your flower garden simple.

Buying The Best Flowering Annuals

With so many plants to choose from at the garden center, how do you know you’re getting the best value (and the best flowering annuals) for your money? Easy! Just look for the AAS logo on the label.

All-America Selections puts plants to the test so we don’t have to. They select only the top performing plants to put their label on, which makes buying the best plants (and seeds) a no-brainer for us!

Plus, they have lots of great pink annual flowers to choose from! You’ll find the list of my top picks below, but first let’s talk about planning a pink garden design.

Dianthus Jolt pink blooms for theme garden

Theme Gardens Simplify Flower Garden Design

Creating a flower garden theme based on color is a great way for beginners to get their hands dirty (pun intended), and experiment with design. Sticking to a color theme really takes the pressure off, and makes plant selection a whole lot easier too.

When you stick to one color scheme in your garden, you don’t have to worry about clashing colors, figuring out flower combos, or which colors look best next to each other.

You can simply focus on finding all the pink annual flowers that you like, and just ignore the rest.

It doesn’t get much easier to design your own garden than that!

Angelonia Serenita for pink annual flowers garden theme

Planning A Pink Flower Garden Theme

If you want to try your hand at creating a pink flower theme garden, start with annual flowers. That way, it’s easy to change it if you decide to play around with different color schemes next year.

Pink annual flowers are one of the easiest to start with, because it’s a very common flower color. There are tons of pink flowering plants to choose from, so you can easily play around with texture and color in your pink theme garden.

Using annual flowers also helps you visualize the space before you create something permanent. And that will definitely make planning a pink garden much easier when it comes time to add perennials into the space (if perennial garden design is your long-term goal).

Plus, annual flowers bloom all summer long. So you don’t have to worry about having a gap in time where there’s nothing flowering in your garden (which is a very common problem when you use perennial flowers).

Impatiens Bounce Pink Flame in pink flower themed garden

How To Create A Pink Garden Design

When you start paying attention to flowers by color, you might be surprised at all the different shades of pink you will find. It’s pretty amazing when you see all the variety you’ll be able to use in your pink garden theme.

Pink annual plants range in shades from hot pink flowers, to light pink flowers, to soft pink flowers… and everything in between. There are annual flowers that come in fuchsia, salmon, blush, rose… you name it!

You’ll even find annual flowers with mixed colors, like pink and red flowers, or white and pink flowers. (see, I told you an all-pink garden wouldn’t be boring!)

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to mix in different shades of pink flowers, or if you’d rather try to stick with flowers that are all the same shade of pink. However you decide to design your garden, it will look amazing!

Verbena Endurascape is perfect for a pink colored garden

Choosing Plants For An All-Pink Garden

Whether you’re sticking with one shade of pink, or mixing in different shades, buy plants for your garden in groups of three or five. Planting annuals in groups makes the garden look fuller, and when you use an odd number of plants, it’s ends up being more interesting.

Another thing to think about when you’re choosing your pink annual flowers is to look for plants that are different heights and textures. Using plants of varying heights, and mixing textures adds depth and interest to the garden.

Also, pay attention to the foliage when you’re shopping for pink annual flowers. Plant foliage is another great way to add depth and contrast to a color-themed garden, making it even more beautiful. Heck, you might even find a few annuals that have pink leaves too. How fun!

Pink Annual Flowers List (My Top Picks)

There are tons of options when it comes to choosing pink annual flowers for your theme garden, which can be overwhelming.

So, I’ve come up with a list of annual plants that have pink flowers for you! These are all AAS winners too, so you know you’ll be getting high quality plants!

  • Dianthus Interspecific Supra Pink F1 – This super cute, compact, bushy plant is covered with pink fluffy flowers all summer long. And the best part… no deadheading or pinching required! As an added bonus, dianthus plants can survive the winter in some climates.

Dianthus Supra with pink fluffy flowers

  • Verbena EnduraScape™ Pink Bicolor – This gorgeous annual plant is heat and drought resistant, plus it’s pretty cold hardy too, meaning it will look great well into the cool fall months! The pink round flowers are bicolor, adding even more interest to your garden.

Pink round flowers of Verbena Endurascape

  • Dianthus Interspecific Jolt™ Pink F1 – Another heat tolerant plant, this bicolor dianthus has bright pink blooms that really would pop in a pink flower theme garden. (I really love the color on this one)

Dianthus Jolt has bright pink blooms

  • Impatiens SunPatiens® Spreading Shell Pink – When you think of impatiens, you probably think of annual flowers for shade, but SunPatiens® grow just as well in full sun as they do in the shade. They can take the heat, and are resistant to downy mildew too! This prolific bloomer will continue to produce soft pink flowers spring through fall.

Impatiens Spreading Shell produce soft pink flowers spring through fall

  • Impatiens Bounce™ Pink Flame PPAF ‘Balboufink’ – This variety of impatiens will also work perfectly whether you’re looking for annuals for shade or sun. It can also take the heat, and is completely resistant to downy mildew – so you’ll get to enjoy those cute little hot pink flowers spring through fall.

Impatiens Bounce Pink Flame has cute little hot pink flowers

  • Geranium Pinto Premium White to Rose F1 – These unique pink and white flowers actually change colors. They start out white, and slowly turn dark pink as the flowers mature. I love the foliage on this one too, it’s a great contrast for any garden.

Geranium Pinto Premium pink and white flowers change colors

  • Angelonia Serenita™ Pink F1 – The long pink flowers on this fun plant are not only gorgeous, but they are deer and rabbit resistant – and it’s a heat-tolerant plant too! This would make a fantastic addition to any pink colored garden!

Angelonia Serenita has long pink flowers

  • Zinnia Profusion Double Hot Cherry – Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers, and a must in any garden. This variety with dark pink flowers is disease resistant, and holds it’s bright color in the hot sun! Plus, butterflies love zinnias, which is a double bonus!

Zinnia Profusion Double Hot Cherry has gorgeous dark pink flowers

  • Celosia Asian Garden – I just love the dark pink spiky flowers on this celosia to add interest and texture to a pink themed garden. The flowers will last spring through fall, and can even survive the first few frosts. Yes!

Celosia asian garden dark pink spiky flowers

When you create a garden theme based on the color of the flowers, you can’t lose! Creating themed gardens based on the color scheme really simplifies garden design and plant selection.

Buying AAS winners makes plant selection even easier. Plus, you know that you’re getting the best quality annual flowering plants, that will thrive all summer long. For more plant suggestions, and to get updates about the latest AAS winners, follow them them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

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Share your favorite pink annual flowers or garden theme design tips in the comments section below.

All of the photos used in this post were provided by All-America Selections and used here with permission.


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